The Air You are Breathing in can be Harmful

Radon Testing

Radon is a hazardous gas with no order and colour so you never know you are breathing in it. Radon in air is likewise more threatening than it is in domestic water. It is caused by the decay of Radium and no level of radon in air is considered safe. For it is not possible to completely shut out this gas from the atmosphere, governments has set an action level of radon. International Radon Project recommends a level of 2.7pCi/L for this gas in the air. US EPA recommends testing for radon in water once the test for radon in air elevates the level of action.

The only way to get rid of radon from the air is radon mitigation. Many state governments are installing these for free while in other states residents have to pay money for these. Many states like Milwaukee, Madison and Racine are polluted with radon. So what should the citizen do? Follow the instructions given below and you will make Racine radon free.

The process to purify atmosphere from radon is 2 step process. First, you have to do radon testing and if the test shows high radon level then you have to follow the second step which is radon mitigation.

Here we will only tell you about the first step which is Radon Testing. Radon testing is the name of the process by which radon is tested. This test can be down by you or you can pay organizations which are doing this as a business.

Radon kits come in a variety. There are short-term radon testing kits and long-term radon testing kits. Both types of kits are available in Racine but if you are not able to find them you can also go online as we all know there is almost everything selling online.

Short-term radon testing kit or long-term radon testing kit, the process will be same the only difference will be in the duration that both kits require working. So following are the steps you have to follow to test that is there is radon present in your breathing zone.

Steps to use a radon testing kit:

  • Buy the kit. You can purchase it online or from your local market. There is variety so select the one which suits your needs and necessities. There are also different manufacturer who produce the radon test kit but you should buy the one which is high quality.
  • Find a place to put your test kit on. The ideal place for the kit will be the one which is less humid.
  • Do not use air conditioners, fans or any other mechanism which disturbs the flow of air.
  • Leave it there for the required time (for short-term radon testing kits the required time is 5 to 7 days and for the long-term radon testing kit the time required is 60 to 90 days. Time may vary in between the kits of two different manufacturers)
  • collect your kit after the required time and send it to the laboratory for the further test.



  • Do not check your kit before the required time. It will effect the accuracy of the test.

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gift Beta

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